New Items


April 2019:

Iris Johansen – Dark Tribute

Fern Michaels – Deep Harbor

Ginny L. Yttrup – Convergence

Harlan Coben – Run Away

Elizabeth Godard – Never Let Go

Annie Ward – Beautiful Bad

Mary Connealy – The Unexpected Champion

Lynn H. Blackburn – In Too Deep

Rachel Dylan – Breach of Trust

Lisa T. Bergren – Verity

Irene Hannon – Driftwood Bay

Susan Meissner – The Last Year of the War

James Patterson – Miracle at St. Andrews

Catherine Coulter – The Last Second

Lorna Landvik – Chronicles of a Radical Hag

Shelley Shepard Gray – The Patient One

James Patterson – The Cornwalls are Gone

Stuart Woods – Wild Card

J.A. Jance – The A List

J.D. Robb – Connections in Death

Linda Fairstein – Blood Oath

James Patterson – The 13-Minute Murder

Don Winslow – The Border

Kathleen Y’Barbo – River of Life

B. J. Daniels – Stroke of Luck – PB

Rick Mofina – Missing Daughter – PB

Robyn Carr – The Life She Wants – PB

Carla Neggers – Stone Bridges – PB

Debra Webb – The Longest Silence – PB

Cheryl Williford – Their Convenient Amish Marriage – PB

Kimberly Belle – Three Days Missing – PB

Colleen J. Shogan – Calamity at the Continental Club – PB

Donna Gartshore – Instant Father – PB

Jane Tesh – Now You See It – PB

Veronica Heley – False Alarm – PB

Carolyn Mulford – Show Me the Ashes – PB

Carolyn Miller – Winning Miss Winthrop – LP

Susie Finkbeiner – A Song of Home – LP

James Patterson – The House Next Door – LP

Jordyn Redwood – Fugitive Spy – LP

Lori Copeland – The Cowboy’s Housekeeper – LP

Christina Suzann Nelson – If We Make it Home – LP

BJ Hoff – Harp on the Willow – LP

Amanda Barratt – My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York – LP

Cathy Gohlke – Until We Find Home – LP

Gooseberry Patch – Best Church Suppers – NF

Taya Kyle – American Spirit: Profiles in Resilience, Courage, and Faith – NF

Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide – NF

Angela C. Santomero – Radical Kindness – NF

Rafael Torch – The Garcia Boy – NF

Jerry Baker – America’s Best Practical Problem Solvers – NF

Taste of Home – Everyday Slow Cooker & One Dish Recipes 2018 – NF

Adorable Felted Animals – NF


March 2019:

Shelley Shepard Gray – All In

J.D. Robb – Connections in Death

Danielle Steel – Silent Night

Greg Iles – Cemetery Road

Tracie Peterson – When You Are Near

Lisa Gardner – Never Tell

Joanne Fluke – Chocolate Cream Pie Murder

James Patterson – The First Lady

Helene Turstem – An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good

Josh Malerman – Bird Box

Valeria Luiselli – Lost Children Archive

Andrea Kane – Dead in a Week

Karen Robards – The Fifth Doctrine

Frank F. Weber – Murder Book

Frank F. Weber – I-94 Murders

Erin Bartels – We Hope For Better Things – LP

Leslie Gould – A Faithful Gathering – LP

Tosca Lee – The Line Between – LP

Wendy Webb – Daughters of the Lake – LP

Jocelyn Green – Between Two Shores – LP

V.C. Andrews – The Silhouette Girl – LP

Lori Copeland – The Cowboy’s Housekeeper – LP

Christina Suzann Nelson – If We Make it Home – LP

B.J. Hoff – Harp on the Willow – LP

Amanda Barratt – My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York – LP

Cathy Gohlke – Until We Find Home – LP

Chris Christie – Let Me Finish – NF

Matthew Sanford – Waking – NF

Theodore Roosevelt – Through the Brazilian Wilderness – NF

Naoki Higashida – The Reason I Jump – NF

Glenn Beck – Arguing With Idiots – NF

Guinness World Records 2019 – NF

Michael Tomasky – If We Can Keep It: How the Republic Collapsed and How it Might Be Saved – NF

Jennifer Traig – Act Natural: A Cultural History of Misadventures in Parenting – NF

Marsha Hoffman Rising – The Family Tree Problem – NF

Jason Miles – Instagram Power – NF

Reshma Saujani – Brave, Not Perfect – NF

Mary Krugerud – The Girl in Building C: The True Story of a Teenage Tuberculosis Patient – NF

Mary Krugerud – Interrupted Lives: The History of Tuberculosis in Minnesota and Glen Lake Sanatorium – NF

Lisa Damour, Ph.D. – Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls – NF

Dennis & Karen Vinar and Jean and Andrew Voxland – How Did You Find Me…After All These Years? – NF

Medical Symptoms: A Visual guide – NF





April 2019:

The Animal Pokey – Board Book

Silly Monsters in the Bath – Board Book

Family is Superpower – E

Badger’s Perfect Garden – E

Good Night, Library – E

Plans Gone Wrong – E

The Nut Near the Hut – E

How to Catch a Unicorn – E

When You’re Scared – E

Operation Rescue Dog – E

The Chickens are Coming – E

Bedtime for Little Bulldozer – E

The Gift That I Can Give – E

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep – E

A Piglet Named Mercy – E

Otto and Pio – E

Calm With the Very Hungry Caterpillar – E

Little Yellow Truck – E

Ollie on Stage!

The Boxcar Children – E PB Level Reader

The True Story of Jadav Payeng: The Boy Who Grew a Forest – E NF

Write it Right: Writing a Poem – E NF

Disappointed – E NF

Common Garter Snakes – E NF

Bighorn Sheep – E NF

Reindeer – E NF

Harp Seals – E NF

Mount Rushmore – E NF

Sweeping Up the Heart – J

Because of the Rabbit – J

Phobia: The Monster in the Mirror – J

The Wolf and the Seven Kids – J

Fighting for Independence – J

Katt vs. Dogg – J

Owl Diaries: Baxter is Missing – J

Owl Diaries: The Wildwood Bakery – J

Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen – J

Stand on the Sky – J

Xander and the Rainbow-Barfing Unicorns: Fairies Hate Ponies – J

Catwad: It’s Me – J PB

The Boxcar Children: The Sea Turtle Mystery – J PB

The Robertson Family Attacked by Orcas – J NF

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy: Attack on Pearl Harbor – J NF

Tall Tale Stories – J NF

Friendship Stories – J NF

Minnesota Twins: Stars, Stats, History, and More! – J NF

Arctic Foxes – J NF

Cheetahs – J NF

National Parks: Hawaii Volcanoes – J NF

Planet Earth: Finding Balance on the Blue Marble With Environmental Science Activities for Kinds – J NF

Central American Immigrants: In Their Shoes – J NF

Rocks, Minerals & Gems – NF




March 2019:

Nothing is Scary With Harry: Blankies Are Forever – Board Book

Top Wings: Big Egg Rescue! – Board Book

Don’t Push the Button – Board Book

Puppy Dog Pals:  Happy Birthday, Puppy Pals! – E

Puppy Dog Pals: Design-A-Dog – E

Hank the Pet Sitter: Ralph the Very Quick Chick -E

Hank the Pet Sitter: Pete the Very Chatty Parrot – E

Hank the Pet Sitter: Fawn the Very Small Deer – E

Hank the Pet Sitter: Otis the Very Scared Dog – E

I Need a Hug – E

Found. – E

Dr. Seuss’s You Are Kind – E

Potato Pants! – E

The Happy Book and Other Feelings – E

There Are No Bears in This Bakery – E

The Full House and the Empty House – E

The Very Impatient Caterpillar – E

The Donkey Egg – E

Paddington at St. Paul’s – E

Elbow Grease – E

My Heart – E

Gracie La Roo in the Snow – E

Amazing Adventures of Batman: Mud Menace! – E

The Honest Woodcutter – E

Trains & Trenes – E

Felipe and Claudette – E

Top Wing: Dream Team – E PB

Top Wing: Earn Your Wings! – E PB

The Wonky Donkey – E PB

Lizzie the Elephant – E NF

Bob the Penguin – E NF

Buster the Kangaroo – E NF

Celia the Tiger – E NF

Harry the Wolf – E NF

Mattie the Polar Bear – E NF

Ben the Beaver – E NF

Josh the Anteater – E NF

Ugh, That’s Ugly! – E NF

Yuck, That’s Gross! – E NF

Whoa, That’s Strange! – E NF

Don’t Bit Me! – E NF

What a Jerk! – E NF

Where Did it Go? – E NF

What on Earth is That? – E NF

Back Off, Buddy! – E NF

How to Survive a Blizzard – E NF

How to Make a Box Guitar – E NF

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chewed 100 Sticks of Gum – E NF

My Little Pony Friends Forever: Rainbow, Dash & Spitfire – J

My Little Pony Friends Forever: Applejack & Mayor Mare – J

My Little Pony Friends Forever: Fluttershy & Iron Will – J

My Little Pony Friends Forever:  Pinkie Pie & Twilight Sparkle – J

My Little Pony Friends Forever: Granny & the Flim Flam Brothers – J

My Little Pony Friends Forever: Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon – J

My Little Pony Friends Forever: Princess Luna & Spike – J

My Little Pony Friends Forever: Rarity & Babs Seed – J

Xander and the Rainbow-Barfing Unicorns: Who Turned Off the Colors? – J

Midnight Library: The Final Frankenstein – J

Midnight Library: The Minotaur Maze – J

Midnight Library: The Lost Lenore – J

Midnight Library:  The Gulliver Giant – J

You Choose Stories: The Messed-Up Museum – J

You Choose Stories: Library Shelves – J

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Whale – J

Academy of Dance: Hip-Hop Road Trip – J

The Disappearing Otters – J

Boxcar Children: The Hundred-Year Mystery – J PB

An Anthology of Intriguing Animals – J NF

Welcome, Wombat – J NF

Captain Sully’s River Landing – J NF

Amazing Canyons Around the World – J NF

Amazing Caves Around the World – J NF

Bigfoot – J NF

A Toad That Explodes and Other Cool Animal Facts – J NF

Dashing Dragonflies – J NF

Getting Out and Getting Along – J NF

Yellowstone National Park – J NF

The Journey of York: The Unsung Hero of the Lewis and Clark Expedition – J NF




April 2019:

James Patterson – The Fall of Crazy House

Karen Latchana Kenney – The Department of Homeland Security – YA NF


March 2019:

Karen M. McManus – Two Can Keep a Secret

Julie C. Dao – Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix






April 2019:

Michelle Obama – Becoming

March 2019:

Jessica Barry – Freefall

Kristyn Kusek Lewis – Half of What You Hear

Jonathan Kellerman – The Wedding Guest

Dawn Eastman – Do No Harm






April 2019:

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald

Underworld Trilogy

Bullitt County

Centennial: The Complete Series

Midnight, Texas, Season Two

What They Had

The Favourite


A Star is Born

Nip and Tuck – Season One

Nip and Tuck – Season Two

Nip and Tuck – Season Three

Instant Family

We Die Young


Sunrise in Heaven

Principles of the Constitution – NF

March 2019:

Robin Hood

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Bohemian Rhapsody

Mystery Road Series 1

Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness


Getting Grace

Goosebumps 2

Sgt. Will Gardner

A Private War

Green Book

A Boy Called Sailboat

The Sisters Brothers

Six: The Complete Series

Ben is Back

Becoming Astrid

Grand-daddy Day Care

Mary Queen of Scots

On Her Shoulder – NF

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Robot Riders – J

PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups – J

Top Wing: Eggcellent Missions – J

PJ Masks Butterfly Brigade – J

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Wild Wheels! Escape to Animal Island – J

Barbie Dreamtopia: Festival of Fun – J

Pawparazzi – J

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – J


























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