All Pioneerland Library System locations are closed until further notice due to the governors stay at home order. Pioneerland Library System is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it unfolds. We will keep you informed of any additional changes in our operations as this situation continues.

Please do not return items to the libraries at this time. Due dates for all materials have been extended. You will not incur any fines.

New Items


March 2020:

Brooke Barker & Boaz Frankel – Let’s Be Weird Together

Mia Sosa – The Worst Best Man

J.T. Ellison – Good Girls Lie

Margarita Montimore – Oona Out of Order

Kendra Elliot – The Last Sister

Joanne Fluke – Coconut Layer Cake Murder

Nathan Jorgenson – Contrapasso

Tara Laskowski – One Night Gone

Serena Burdick – The Girls With No Names

Tiffany w. Killoren – Good Will

Lisa T. Bergren – Selah

Brian Freeman – Thief River Falls

James Patterson – Blindside

Patricia Cornwell – Quantum

Abi Dare – The Girl With the Louding Voice

Jasmine Guillory – The Wedding Party

Lisa Wysocky – The Opium Equation

Lisa Wysocky – The Mane Equation

Jaden Terrell – Trouble Most Faire

Cone Lehane – Murder Off the Page

James Grippando – The Big Lie – LP

Jessica Fellowes – The Mitford Scandal – LP

Tom Threadgill – Collision of Lies – LP

Tessa Afshar – Daughter of Rome – LP

Jocelyn Green – Veiled in Smoke – LP

Elizabeth Strout – Olive, Again – LP

Wanda B. Brunstetter – The Crow’s Call – LP

Kathleen Fuller – The Innkeeper’s Bride – LP

Jerome Preisler – Net Force: Dark Web – LP

Ally James – From Alaska With Love – PB

Lynn Cahoon – A Field Guide to Homicide – PB

Erin Khar – Strung Out: One Last Hit and Other Lies That Nearly Killed Me – NF

Johann Hari – Lost Connections: Why You’re Depressed and How to Find Hope – NF

Dita Kraus – A Delayed Life:  The True Story of the Librarian of Auschwitz – NF

Nick Vandome – Create Great Photos Using Your Smartphone – NF

Bryn Blankinship – The Limitless Soul – NF

Tricia Goyer – The Grumble-Free Year – NF

Frommer’s Easy Guide to Nashville & Memphis – NF

February 2020:

Megan Miranda – All the Missing Girls

Adam Croft – Tell Me I’m Wrong

Luanne Rice – Last Day

Ola Larsmo – Swede Hollow

Diane Chamberlain – Big Lies in a Small Town

Linda LeGarde Grover – In the Night of Memory

Linda Lael Miller – Country Strong

Jonathan Kellerman – The Museum of Desire

Nora Roberts – Unfinished Business

James Patterson – Lost

J.D. Robb – Golden in Death

Allison Brennan – The Third to Die

Karin Slaughter/Lee Child – Cleaning the Gold

Christina McDonald – Behind Every Lie

Catherine McKenzie – The Good Liar

Robin W. Pearson – A Long Time Comin’

Pat Simmons – Lean on Me

Susan May Warren – The Way of the Brave – LP

Rachel Dylan – End Game: Capital Intrigue – Book 1 – LP

Vannetta Chapman – Dead Wrong – LP

Robin W. Pearson – A Long Time Comin’ – LP

Joyce Carol Oates – Pursuit – LP

Raymond Khoury – Empire of Lies – LP

Suzanne Woods Fisher – Two Steps Forward – LP

Tracie Peterson – Forever Hidden – LP

Anna Harrington – An Inconvenient Duke – PB

Cyntonia Brown-Long – Fre eCyntoia: My Search For Redemption in the American Prison System – NF

Robert B. Janssen – Birds in Minnesota: Revised and Expanded Edition – NF

Jack El-Hai – The Lost Brothers: A Family’s Decades-Long Search – NF

Peter Asbjornsen – The Complete and Original Norwegian Folktales of Asbjornsen & Moe – NF

Nita Leland – Exploring Color:  How to Use and control Color in Your Painting – NF

David Stafford – Endgame, 1945: The Missing Final Chapter of World War II – NF

Lew Freedman – More Iditarod Classics – NF

Jacqueline Newman – The New Rules of Divorce – NF

Emma Copley Eisenberg – The Third Rainbow Girl – NF

Alex Goryachev – Fearless Innovation – NF








March 2020:

Steady Sloth – Board Book

Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night! – Board Book

Don’t Tickle the Lion! – Board Book

Are You There Little Unicorn? – Board Book

Are You There Little Bunny? – Board Book

Poppy and Sam’s Easter Egg Hunt – Board Book

Baby’s Very First Slide and See Zoo – Board Book

Are You There Little Puppy? – Board Book

The Apple of My Pie – Board Book

That’s Not My Tractor – Board Book

My Very First Outdoor Book – Board Book

Grumpy Tortoise – Board Book

Goodnight, Good Dog Carl – Board Book

That’s Not My Koala – Board Book

That’s Not My Kangaroo – Board Book

That’s Not My Train – Board Book

That’s Not My Sloth – Board Book

Colorful World: Construction Site – Board Book

On the Farm – E

Love From Alfie McPoonst: The Best Dog Ever – E

I Love You Animally – E

Fox’s Box – E

Charlie & Mouse Outdoors – E

Doctor Mouse – E

Pete the Cat: Five Little Bunnies – E

Who Has Wiggle Waggle Toes? – E

You Are Mine Porcupine – E

Pacho Nacho – E

The Thank You Letter – E

I Found a Kitty! – E

Agent Lion – E

Bears Make the Best Writing Buddies – E

Help Wanted:  Must Love Books – E

Goodnight Veggies – E

Dinosaur Train: Buddy and Pals – E

The Balcony – E

Poppy and Tito – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood: Open Wide, Katie! – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood:  Friends in the Mail – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood:  Good Morning, Farmer Carmen! – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood:  Stocking Up For the Storm – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood:  Super Paramedic! – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood:  Helping Mayor Patty – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood:  Katie’s Vet Loves Pets – E

Katie Woo’s Neighborhood:  The Best Baker – E

The Amazing Adventures of Batman: The Terrible Twos – E

The Amazing Adventures of Batman:  Reptile Raid – E

Look Out, T-Ball – E

Best Behavior – E

Hooray For You! – E

Penguin Moves Out of the Antarctic – E

Goat Moves Out of the Barnyard – E

Frog Moves Out of the Rain Forest – E

Meerkat Moves Out of the Desert – E

Owl Moves Out of the Forest – E

Shark Moves Out of the Ocean – E

Mae the Mayfly – E

I Love My Colorful Nails – E

Lili Macaroni – E

The Book Without a Story – E

Lemur Dreamer – E

Red Red Red – E

The Perfect Seat – E

Sorrel and the Sleepover – E

Can U Save the Day? – E

My Hugging Rules – E

Nesting – E

Dino and Pablo’s Prehistoric Games – E  (Graphic)

Benny On the Beach – E  (Graphic)

Coco the Crocodile – E (Graphic)

Who Needs a Checkup? – E PB

Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow – E PB

The True Story of Zippy Chippy:  The Little Horse That Couldn’t – E NF

Lifesize Dinosaurs – E NF

Lifesize – E NF

Dinosaurs Shine-A-Light – E NF

On My Mountain – E NF

Looking Into Soil – E NF

Llamas and Alpacas – E NF

My Guide to the Planets: Earth – E NF

My Guide to the Planets: Mars – E NF

Babies at the Zoo: Koala Bear Joeys – E NF

Babies at the Zoo: Sloth Babies – E NF

Native Americans: Crow – E NF

Native Americans: Cree – E NF

Native Americans: Dakota – E NF

Native Americans: Ojibwa – E NF

Let’s Go!: Boats – E NF

Rain Forest Colors: Bright and Beautiful – E NF

Building Tough Towers – E NF

A Year On The Farm – E NF

Vehicles: A Can-You-Find-It Book – E NF

The Zoo: A Can-You-Find-It Book – E NF

Women’s Suffrage Movement – E NF

Our Favorite Foods – Tacos – E NF

Our Favorite Foods – Macaroni and Cheese – E NF

Truth About Life As a U.S. Army Soldier – E NF

Natural Disasters: Ice Storms – E NF

Explore Australia – E NF

InvistiGATORS – J

Here in the Real World – J

Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks: Confessions of Spril Grace – J

Peter & Ernesto: The Lost Sloths – J  (Graphic)

Peter & Ernest: A Tale of Two Slots – J (Graphic)

Mr. Kazarian, Alien Librarian: The Black Hole Bandits – J (Graphic)

Princess Candy: The Complete Comics Collection – J (Graphic)

Monster and Me: The complete Comics Collection – J (Graphic)

Pippa Park Raises Her Game – J

A Home For Goddesses and Dogs – J

Bug Brigade – J

Finding Yorgy – J

Justice Leage and the False Destiny – J

Superman and the Apokolips Attack – J

Attack of the Deadly Diapers – J

Pippa Park Raises Her Game – J

Roll With It – J

Super Scavengers – J

Monster and Me: The Complete Comics Collection – J (Graphic)

Princess Candy: The Complete Comics Collection – J (Graphic)

Mr. Kazarian, Alien Librarian: The Black Hole Bandit – J (Graphic)

Magical Mirror: The Visionary Voyage – J PB

Ansley’s Big Bake Off – J PB

Your Very Own Robot Goes Cuckoo-Bananas! – J PB

The Dead Sea Squirrels: Whirly Squirrelies – J PB (Graphic)

Frozen Adventures: Snowy Stories – J PB (Graphic)

Jason and the Argonauts – J PB (Graphic)

Alice in Wonderland – J PB (Graphic)

The Adventures of Thor – J PB (Graphic)

Winged Wonders: Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery – J NF

Citizens Imprisoned: Japanese Internment Camps – J NF

Parallel Lives: Born in 1929: Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Jr – J NF

Learn Spanish Words – J NF

APEX Legends: Beginner’s Guide – J NF

Digging For Dinosaurs – J NF

Discovering Fossils – J NF

Unearthing Early Human Remains – J NF

Ancient Aliens: Did Historic Contact Happen – J NF

UFO’s: Are Alien Aircraft Overhead? – J NF

1-2-3 Zoo Borns! – J NF

Animal Oddballs – J NF

The Adventures of King Arthur – J NF

The Flying Dutchman: The Doomed Ghost Ship – J NF

Campfire Cooking – J NF

Beastly Firepower: Military Weapons and Tactics Inspired by Animals – J NF

Beasts on the Battlefield: Animals in Combat – J NF

Wildlife Watching – J NF

Seed Crafts – J NF

Stick Crafts – J NF

Collage Arty Crafty – J NF

10-Minute Duct Tape Projects – J NF

History Uncovered: The U.S.A. – J NF

Nose Knows – J NF



February 2020:

God Gave Us Easter – Board Book

A Baby Like You – Board Book

Bim, Bam, Bop…and Oona – E

Freedom Soup – E

No More Naps! – E

Love From the Crayons – E

Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind – E

In A Jar – E

Bee Heartful: Spread Loving-Kindness – E

Dandelion’s Dream – E

The Dinky Donkey – E PB

Tails From History:  A Raccoon at the White House – E NF

Tails From History:  The Cat Who Ruled the Town – E NF

Tails From History:  A Puppy For Helen Keller – E NF

Tails From History:  A Sea Otter to the Rescue – E NF

Tails From History:  A Parrot in the Painting – E NF

Tails From History:  A Pony With Her Writer – E NF

You Can Encourage Others – E NF

You Can Be Responsible – E NF

You Can Respect Differences – E NF

You Can Stop Bullying – E NF

You Can Follow Rules – E NF

Wild Life LOL!: Sloths – E NF

Wild Life LOL!: Llamas – E NF

Middle School: Master of Disaster – J

The Best of Iggy – J

A Talent For Trouble – J

Owly: The Way Home – J (Graphic)

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic – J PB

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy – J PB

The Loneliest Kitten – J PB

The Puppy Who Couldn’t Sleep – J PB

You Are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to Be Brillant at (Almost) Anything! – J NF







March 2020:

Luanne Rice – Pretend She’s Here

P.M. Freestone – Shadow Scent

February 2020:

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – Falcondance



March 2020:

February 2020:

James Patterson – The River Murders

Tara Haigh – On Far Malayan Shores

Buddy Levy – Labyrinth of Ice

Bernard Cornwell – Sword of Kings

Lynette Eason – Collateral Damage

Richard Paul Evans – Noel Street

J.R. Ward – Where Winter Finds You

Clive Cussler – Final Option

Liz Moore – Long Bright River

Isabel Allende – A Long Petal of the Sea

Ace Atkins – Robert B. Parker’s Angel Eyes

Richard Snow – Disney’s Land – NF

Nikki R. Haley – With All Due Respect – NF





March 2020:

21 Bridges

Dark Waters

Doctor Sleep

Chicago Med – Season Four

Playing With Fire

The Good Liar

Chesapeake Shores – Season Four

Jojo Rabbit


The Big Trip – J

February 2020:



Before You Know It

Love Unleashed

Last Christmas

The Turkey Bowl

Deadwood:  The Movie

Ms. Purple

Valentine’s Day 4-Movie Collection

Empire: The Complete 1st Season

Empire: The Complete 2nd Season

Johnny Be Good

Mike & Molly: The Complete 1st Season

Mike & Molly: The Complete 2nd Season

The Lighthouse

Terminator: Dark Fate

Midnight Traveler – NF

Butterbean’s Cafe: Let’s Get Cooking1 – J

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Knight Riders – J

The Berenstain Bears: Tree House Tales, Volume 2 – J

Bird Brained – J

The Addams Family – J

Arctic Dogs – J

The Lion King – J

Winnie the Pooh – J

Frozen II – J














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