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Scavenger Hunt – Week 4 – Birds

Week 4 – Scavenger Hunt – Birds — See what you can find!  Do you know your birds?



  1. Big Egg Rescue! By Mary Tillworth – B TILLWO
  2. Dirty Birdies by Jennifer Gordon Sattler – B SATTLE
  3. In My Nest by Sara Gillingham – B GILLIN
  4. A Letter For Leo by Sergio Ruzzier – E RUZZIE
  5. Max and Bird by Ed Vere – E VERE
  6. Noodle & Lou by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon – E SCANLO
  7. Queen of Easter by Mary Engelbreit – E ENGELB
  8. Noisy Bird Sing-Along by John Himmelman – E HIMMEL
  9. 13 Words by Lemony Snicket – E SNICKET
  10. The Baby Wren and the Great Gift by Sally Lloyd-Jones – E LLOYD
  11. RIO: Blue and Friends by Cathy Hapka – E HAPKA
  12. Smiley’s Dream Book by Jeff Smith – E SMITH
  13. Somewhere Else by Gus Gordon – E GORDON
  14. The Adventures of Marco Flamingo Under the Sea by Sheila Jarkins – E JARKIN
  15. Ther eis a Bird On Your Head! By Mo Willems – E WILLEM
  16. Those Darn Squirrels! By Adam Rubin – E RUBIN
  17. Wordy Birdy Meets Mr. Cougarpants by Tammi Sauer – E SAUER
  18. My Baby Blue Jays by John Berendt – E PB BEREND
  19. Dream Team! By David Lewman – E PB LEWMAN
  20. Earn Your Wings! By Mary Tillworth – E PB TILLWO
  21. The Polar Bear Paddle by David Bedford – E PB BEDFOR
  22. Kites: Birds of Prey by Nathan Sommer – E 598.9 SOM
  23. Birds by Bridget Heos – E 598 HEO
  24. I See Birds by Tim Mayerling – E 598 MAY
  25. Bird & Squirrel on the Run by James Burks – J BURKS (Graphic)
  26. Stellaluna by Janell Cannon – CD J CANNON
  27. About Birds: A Guide For Children – J 598 SIL
  28. Bird by David Burnie – J 598 BUR
  29. Birds in Our Backyard: Say Hello to Minnesota’s Feathered Friends by Bill Marchel –   J 509.0977 MAR
  30. The Kids’ Guide to Birds of Minnesota: Fun Facts, Activities & 85 Cool Birds by Stan Tekiela – J 598.07 TEK
  31. Listen to the Birds: An Introduction to Classical Music by Ana Gerhard – (Book & CD)  – J 781.17 GER
  32. The Angry Birds Movie – DVD J ANGRY