Library buildings are closed until further notice as we prepare to follow Minnesota Department of Health guidance on social distancing. We are working on reopening in phases while making sure safety protocols are in place as well as the supplies to maintain them. We are offering limited services, including curbside pick up of requested items at all libraries, and are working to add others. Book drops are open for returning materials. Please check back for updates.


Starting next Wednesday, there will be weekly Scavenger Hunts through July 15th.  On July 22nd and 29th, we will have a craft packet for you to pick up and do.

Each week, on Monday or Tuesday, come to the library.  Call us or knock on the back door in the alley to let us know you are here.  We will give you the clue sheet for that week.  On Wednesday, between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm, do the Scavenger Hunt.  With each Scavenger Hunt, there is three questions you will need to answer.  This is meant to be fun, but also a learning experience for you.  Once you complete your questions, fold the sheet in half and drop in the dropbox (put your name on it).   Once we look at your answer sheet, we will get your prize for the week ready for you.  When you pick up your sheet on Week 2, we will give you your prize from Week 1 and so on throughout the 7 weeks.  If you have to miss a week, that is fine.  You will get your prize for each week you do complete.  If you have questions, please contact us at the library.  320-839-2494.

The Clues will be posted on our Facebook page and website also on Wednesday morning at 10:00.