How Did You Find Me…After All These Years?

Minnesota authors family memoir chronicles a love story, and a family, 55 years in the making.  Follow their journey through time, and experience the love, loss, fear, hope and joy.  A couple is reunited many years after they were high school sweethearts. At the time, they had a baby girl they put up for adoption. This is the story of the two of them finding each other again and finding the daughter they had put up for adoption.

Come to the Ortonville Public Library on Saturday,  May 7th at 2:00 p.m. to hear How They Found Each Other!

Refreshments will be served by the Friends.

MN Writes MN Reads

Local authors – indie, self-published, aspiring, and mainstream – can now create ebooks and share them with readers across the state and potentially across the country using free tools provided by Minnesota libraries.

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